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I am an ex-Big 4 consultant in tax technology specialising in global mobility. I am a business mentor and leadership coach. I help clients to turn an idea into a successful and sustainable business. I help them through the early stages of a start-up, showing them the building blocks of a business. Assisting my clients to move through these stages to implement and grow their business. This program is called ‘Idea to a business in 7 easy steps’. I help small businesses grow with any metric, whether it is growing profitability, increase revenue or employ more people., I help businesses grow and scale their business. I am an accredited leadership coach and I help industry leaders manage change in their business. The fundamentals of leadership are part of the program and I assist in developing great leaders. I am the creator and host of a business podcast called Absolute Business Mindset. I interview entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, and industry leaders who share their stories of success. I enjoy delving deep into their area of specialism and ask unique questions to showcase my guest on the podcast. I run a podcast training program, I teach people the importance of the story, refining their idea, share my favourite equipment, and how to publish and plan an episode. My course teaches how to move from an idea to monetising a podcast.



  • University of Leicester



Career advice CV / Cover Letter Review


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