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Switching to a new job or opting for a different career path can be an overwhelming change. Whether you are confused, insecure or desire a better career fit, talking to a professional can lead to groundbreaking results. I am a career coach enthusiastic about guiding individuals to help realise their career aspirations with valuable advice and direction. Having worked in HR for over 20 years across several sectors, I am keen to use my industry skills to enable others to discover their dream career and feel confident about their career path. My significant experience involves working with people of different backgrounds and at various career stages. From school leavers to those pondering retirement or launching their own business, anyone can benefit from bespoke advice and inspiration. Many people often find that shifting priorities can open up exciting opportunities that never occurred to them before. My methodology involves using tailored practical exercises to guide conversations around career interests, skill sets, values, and what satisfies you on the career front. I offer tailored questionnaires designed around your career goals to help form the basis of each session. I excel at building a rapport and will create a comfortable environment by paying attention to your goals, right from the start. I genuinely care about my clients and am invested in their success. I can also provide additional resources such as contacts within relevant industries or practical support with job searches. Having worked alongside hiring managers and sifted through hundreds of CVs and application forms, I can give first-hand practical advice to update your CV. If you are preparing for interviews or searching for a specific role, I provide support and the confidence to help you excel and make that all-important great first impression. I can offer beneficial job searching tips, including setting up your LinkedIn to appeal to potential employers. In addition to competitive rates, I offer discounts. When you book 6 sessions in advance, you pay for only five sessions. If you are looking for a new challenge, feel stuck but not ready to leave, or do not even know where to begin, career coaching can really support you and potentially help you make empowered decisions for your own future. There is no right path, just the unique path that works for you. To discover how to unleash your potential and carve the ideal career that dovetails with your ambitions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to hear from you and look forward to helping you take your career to the next level!



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Career advice CV / Cover Letter Review Competency interviews Undergraduate applications Postgraduate applications


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