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I find Talent and put them on the path to a Career - I am a Career Advisor who thrives on helping people, offering a complete package based on your individual needs . The employment situation is fast recovering. But if your Job-search is not yielding you any results yet - Then you need HELP! That's where I come in. With four decades of Corporate Recruitment, HR, and Operational experience { 1980-2020 } including 13 years with the Emirates Airline Group in Dubai, I know what I'm talking about. I have been part of the Dnata/Emirates recruitment Teams for local and overseas hiring within Asia. Over the last few years, I have worked closely with some of the leading international & UAE-based headhunters and recruiters, helping hundreds of job seekers to find jobs. I provide you options to improve your chances of getting the job you need, through a number of methods. This is HOW it works: * Get on a FREE Intro-call with me, for me to understand your exact situation. * I offer you solutions & options that you might not have thought of {No obligations}. * Move forward on your own if you feel you can - Or let me help to improve your job-search. * HOW to use Networking to connect & engage with Recruiters/Head-hunters. * Check/Upgrade your online Profiles & Branding. * Change your Resume into a High-converting document ( I know what Recruiters are looking for in a Resume). * Interview preparation. I provide LIVE online Interview preparation with the most commonly asked questions & provide you with the best answers. Post-interview feedback to make sure you're 100% ready to rock on the real stage! "Your Success is My Success"!



  • Karachi University.


  • Karachi University.



Career advice CV / Cover Letter Review Competency interviews


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