At AdvisiaHub, we respect our clients’ privacy and take it seriously. Therefore, we hold complete command of internet privacy. After accepting our Service Terms as a user, you freely go ahead to the processing, transfer, collection, disclosure, and use of information including personal information that your will provided us in the privacy statement.

As we are improving our services, we might revise our Privacy Statement for any reason anytime without notifying you. By using or accessing our services and website following such modifications, you can agree to follow as well as be bound by Privacy Statement and Terms of Service, each as customized from time to time. That’s why we advise you to check here for the updates weekly.

Services via the Website

Users can easily provide information while the process is ongoing of our service. We categorized our services into two sections, i.e.

  • Advisee
  • Advisors
Note: you can register as both Advisor & Advisee.

Personal Information

We ask your contact information for tough times, such as your email address, additional demographic information, name, etc. We only use this information to contact our users about our services that they have interest. Furthermore, we can also use this information for the user's sign-in information.
Note: We won’t provide your personal information to any third party without your permission.

Advisee-Advisor Communication

Our core concern is to allow registered Advisors to offer Advisees specific services. AdvisiaHub hosts email exchanges, scheduling, and live conversation between Advisors and Advisees through our website. In the process, we don’t disclose your phone numbers, full names, email addresses, nor do we share such information among interacting with Advisors and Advisees. Also, we don’t edit or screen the communications content between the Advisees and Advisors. The communication will remain private unless both of the parties agree to the additional distribution. Your information will be kept confidential. None of our other users will have access to your information.


Your information is completely stored on our servers in the UK. You may easily access or intercept transmissions or the private communications as well as other persons may abuse or the misuse personal information that you collect from our website. Accordingly, AdvisiaHub is not legally responsible for the misuse and improper release of personal information as well as private communications.

Updating & Correcting Personal Information

In any case of changing your personal information or you no longer want to visit our website then contact us anytime.

Contact us

For further details about the privacy policy, do contact us anytime, as we are available 24/7.