How Technology Integration Is Changing Career and Jobs?

Are you worried that you will not be needed anymore? Or your job will soon disappear from the face of the earth because of automation and technological advancement? Does this scare you? If yes, then it is a time to embrace the technology and change your perceptions.

Since the industrial revolution, many manual tasks have been faded e.g., car washing, toll collection, and public assistance, order taking, etc. It doesn’t mean that their needs have vanished instead these needs are fulfilled by other means.

The advancement of technology has further created new opportunities to do these jobs with much ease and efficiency with higher pay-scale and demand for skillsets. From home management to business management and services to trade and commerce, technology has revived the landscape for the skillsets requirement for jobs.

In 2021, technology is integrating into every field like a wildfire. You will find tools and machines that can perform any task. Also, there is no longer any need to hire a translator or transcriber, even to clean your house, office, yard and windows, because the machine will do everything.

Does this integration and machine replacement of manual tasks fear you the most?

If so, then, the question is, what you can do, if your field is about to hit next? Well, the most probable answer is, you have to read this article till the end, and we are sure you will find workable tips and pointers that can serve as a ray of hope to which you can cling.

Since we are talking about technological advancement and how it is changing career requirements and opening or closing job avenues. Here are some pointers that all job hunter needs to know to leap and grab onto opportunities before they disappear.

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  1. Continuous Learning, Relearning, and Updating Skill Sets

Unlike in the past, we have technology and machines to perform any task on a recurring basis without any break.

Take an example of car washing, in the past, it requires 2 to 3 hours to manually wash a car. And, now machines can clean dozens in minutes.

Another example would be a cashless payment. This automation has reduced the need for manual labour and the need to hire an assistant or cashier. At the same time, it created a new job that requires you to learn new skills.

In this case, either you need to have knowledge about how these machines operate and the way to control the outcome, or you need technical skills to fix it instantly.

In either case, you had to learn, relearn and stay updated with the newer version. Similarly for other industries that are on the verge of automation. If you are not tech-savvy, then you can hire a professional from the expert panel of AdvisiaHub to guide you about current trends, tangible resources, and tricks to get ahead of others.

  1. A Need to Learn Both Digital and Soft Skills

Technical advancement is not restricted to huge machines and equipment, but it has spread to every layer of the job market. Now the priority of the recruiter is to hire a person who has a flexible personality with the ability to communicate, plan a project or take an independent decision, work in a team and simultaneously lead, and lastly open to learning a new skill.

Wondering how you will know what skills you need to qualify? No worries, consulting an expert who has the right knowledge can do wonders.

Another shift this technological integration has caused is globalization. This means, global reach to talent, work, and resources. Now companies are no longer restricted to geolocation.

Thus, it has opened avenues for job hunter to reach their dream company and acquire dream roles with few keystrokes.

But, the success of your career is dependent on three things, the first actual skill requires to do a task, secondly, soft skill, and lastly, digital skills. Each of these skills is interdependent, and you need to master all of these skills. Otherwise, you will see opportunities flying from your hand.

  1. Global Reach, An Opportunity to Become Entrepreneur

As we have discussed before, every revolution opens up the opportunity that needs to be discovered. Before the technological revolution, no one knows that you can outsource or hire a Shopify expert from the east and conduct meetings with potential leads online. Similarly, you can sell your expertise or skill worldwide. This means you don’t have to work a 9 to 5 job and take rein into your hands and expand to the region where they are needed.

A noteworthy example is SaaS and PaaS. They are providing services to clients all over the world, remotely. This also opens up the avenue for you to start your own business. In your quest, you can seek advice from AdvisiaHub’s expert panel that consist of start-up experts, business specialist, industrial leader, etc.

Concluding Remarks

When tasks are automated, it not only reduces the labour need but also increases productivity. This means, to survive the technical revolution one needs to learn a new skill. Because your skills are going to obsolete or could be replaced by a machine. Therefore, to stay above the ground you need to learn and grow with the shift. So, to your question, how one can know which skill opt or career to jump to? We have a lot of experts to guide you. Who will walk you through current needs and role requirements to career opportunities that can pay you to double the monetary value of your current skill?

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